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Tarpon Springs Florida

Lil' Pearl and the Big Boys
by Libby S., Grade 8, Tarpon Springs Middle School
Music on the Beach Youth Representative

It was very fitting that Lil' Pearl and the Big Boys opened with Peggy Lee's hit "Fever" since we had a beautiful bonfire on the beach to celebrate the end of the 2008 concert series. The lyrics said it best: "what a lovely way to burn!" Stephanie Anderson and her band are a crowd favorite for Music on the Beach, and as always, they kept the large crowd rocking for the whole night. They played an abundance of classic R&B and rock hits (Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, Jefferson Airplane) plus a few fun, original songs from their upcoming CD. Based on how many people were up dancing and singing along, I think it's safe to say that this concert was a great end to an amazing 2008 season! Be sure to mark your calendars for the first concert of the 2009 series -- February 12, 2009! See you next year! www.tarponspringsmusic.com

THE SUNCOAST NEWS - A perennial favorite of the Sunset Beach concerts in Tarpon Springs is set to get the toes a-tappin'. Lil' Pearl and the Big Boys will offer a musical menu of blues, rock, funk and a little Americana at the Sunset Concert next Thursday, Nov. 13. It will be the last Sunset Beach concert of the season. "We just keep it rocking," said Stephanie Anderson, who is the band's Lil' Pearl ...continued

Music Recommendations - Stephanie Anderson
You got to love anyone whose musical influences range from Led Zeppelin and Tom Petty and cross all kinds of spectrums from Mary J. Blige to Lauryn Hill. Sound like a stretch? Maybe not. What do all her influences have in common? Soul. And she’s got it. I’m not saying that just because she’s from my home state. She got something deep inside her music that touches you from the bottom of your feet and works its way to your heart. Beautiful woman. Beautiful personality. Beautiful Music. - Yasheve Miller (copywriter, internet marketing specialist) Yasheve's Urban Underground

“Your music connects with people and your songs are honest and real. I am truly a fan and look forward to watching as your career and audience grows . I am proud to share your music with listeners on the radio." - Best Regards, Pat Luefan - WTAN, The People Are Talking Show

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“I am not quite sure where to begin this thank you, because I can't explain how much your music enhanced the beauty of our day. You are so talented and we were so lucky to have found you. I truly appreciate you taking the time to learn the songs that added so completely to the personalization of the ceremony. The songs along with the the guitar and your amazing voice just danced through the wind and into everyone's heart. Everyone was raving about the ceremony and what a beautiful voice you have. There is no way of letting you know just how much it meant to us - all the beauty you brought to our day. Thank you for sharing you gift with us and we look forward to seeing you perform in the future - so keep us posted. Also please feel free to use us for referrals.” - Leanne and James Knoop (clients, fans)

“I can't stop thinking what a great job you did for our wedding. I knew you would be good, but you were just so nice, professional and made the reception just perfect! Everyone can't stop talking about how fantastic you were! When do you think your next CD will be out? Please do keep me updated, because we’ll want to be one of your first customers.” - Sue and Nick Nance (clients, fans)

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"I have worked with many artists over the years but none come closer to being as genuinely expressive performing her own words and music and as uniquely original as a writer of vividly descriptive stories in song as Stephanie Anderson. She truly is an original performing artist and is not only in great voice but is pure joy to experience live" - Joe Yazbeck, Music Producer, Heartbeat Productions, Florida

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