- Testimonials from Listeners and Fans -
"Stephanie Anderson is an impressive singer-songwriter and performer, and definitely a hard-working musician, playing steadily at various bars, restaurants, coffee houses, along with weddings and private parties. Whether it is her deep catalog of cover songs, or her own original material, Stephanie's style reflects her eclectic musical tastes and influences. Her beautiful, powerful voice, backed by her strong guitar work and appealing stage presence has helped her gain a loyal and growing following. Her soon-to-be-released debut CD "Broken Sky" promises to capture the catchy melodies and thoughtful, insightful lyrics that her original songs are known for." -Rocco (music promoter/fan)
"I have been trying to think of the right words to describe you and your voice. 
I keep coming up with the same word... pleasurable.  Your voice is smooth and harmonious.  I love your music and can't wait to see you in concert!"
- Lori

“Stephanie has the talent to place you in your comfort zone when she starts playing her music, placing you on the island of your choice and taking you away from the roughness of life.” -Michael

"It's always fun to catch Stephanie live, as she'll throw all kinds of songs at you that you never hear from other solo acts. She can actually make Black Sabbath sound beautiful!!  Lesser known is Stephanie's crafty songwriting, but songs like "Carry On" moves me every time I hear it." - Anthony (musician/writer)

“Few artists can sing such a variety of music and sing it well like Stephanie Anderson.  She has such an ease about her yet all the while works the crowd and lets them feel like they are the show.  Too many artists take the stage and rule out the possibility of table conversation yet Stephanie brings it.  If you’re looking for quality entertainment and want to come home with a light heart and a smile on your face, check out where Stephanie Anderson is playing!” - Suzanne
"Hey Steph..Wow! Woman of Wonder! That sums it up, just wanted to give you a quick rave. I think your voice is tranquil and smooth and very pleasant...I wish you the best for 09 and many successes with your upcoming release and hope its an extremely successful launch, Ill be keeping my eye out for it. Rock on!"
- Casey

"I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your gig last night in Ybor.  I don't typically enjoy live music, but I was definitely digging your performance.  You had a great set list and a fantastic voice. I know it's not anything that other people haven't already said on your site, but I wanted to let you know that I was really happy about seeing you.  It made an otherwise strange night very bright.  Thanks Again!"  - Sarah

"When the performer really FEELS the music they are performing - and can pass that along to their audience - that's true entertainment.  Stephanie is that kind of performer - and if you've seen her yourself, I'm 100% sure you'd agree.  And if you haven't seen her yet, what are you waiting for? Don't miss out!"  - Richie (musician, fan)

“Stephanie rocks, she has a beautiful voice and a beautiful soul.” -love, Rebekah (musician/songwriter/fan)

“Your music is inspiring to me. The diverse collection of influences make for a perfect reflection of such a well rounded human-being.Each song gives me a warm feeling that tells me - she obviously loves playing her music. I'll continue to look forward to whatever you put your mind and guitar towards.”
- Jason (fan)

“Stephanie Anderson is a passioned singer with an incredibly powerful voice.” - Steve (Songwriter, fan)

“Stephanie’s interpretation of cover songs as well as her originals generates a great music Zen during her performance.” - Ray
"Hi Stephanie, I saw you at Chic-a-boom room last friday. I was very impressed with your voice and the choice of material was good. You gave me one of your cd's as I was headin' out the door. I like Waiting for tomorrow but thought all the songs were good. I've been playin guitar for 6 years and have a little home studio. I hope to see you next Thursday at Chic-a-boom. I'll spring the $5 for your CD and give you one of my CD's. Your new fan, - D.J."

“Hmmm, what I love about Stephanie’s music…  I guess what I love most is being a part of seeing Steph grow into who she is today, to experience the development of her ability and to watch her dream come true.  I think most of us have a dream as a small child of being a ballerina, a doctor, a firefighter and being a performer has always been Steph’s dream.  Since I have known her, her life experiences and what she watches others experience has been a big part of the content of her lyrics.  Sometimes I know exactly who or what she is singing about and sometimes I don’t.  When I don’t, I am usually so touched or bewildered that I feel compelled to call her and find out where the song came from.  Stephanie has a way of using her gift to help others see what often is in front of their face.  Sometimes the content is funny like a person who pretends to be cooler than they really are, sometimes it’s about listening to your heart and sometimes it’s about taking a moment to feel someone else’s pain.  Simply put, Stephanie has a gift and if you haven’t taken the time to listen to her yet, you should.  I am always excited when my friends succeed and so proud of Stephanie for following her dream to it’s culmination.” -Love K (fan)

"Steph has a way of drawing her audience in with her music. Once you have heard her songs you never forget them. I recall songs she wrote back in the 90's and they continue to be my favorites. Basically she rocks and I am patiently waiting to hear her album. :-)" - Love you, Les
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